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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to enroll and start attending the lectures?

- Go to my official website www.igrowtraders.co.in - Go to store - Select course - Signup with your details - Proceed to payment - once you complete the payment, course will get added in your portal. Also you can directly start registration with this link (put link)

2. What is the duration of the course?

- Course duration varies.

3. What is the duration of each class?

- Each video has the different time frame but on average every video is around 10-15 min..

4. What is the total hours of the course?

- Total duration of the course varies as content gets updated on weekly/monthly

5. Can I get partial access of certain module as I am aware about price action/ options trading ?

- The stock market is about discipline and precise methodology for research. There are two justifications for why I will not have the option to help you
* It will fail the framework, I have worked with my diligent effort.
* I always give new and most recent substance.
In this way, satisfy co-work and become familiar with the manner in which I am attempting to educate you. It will require some investment, yet I guarantee you that the outcomes will be incredible.

6. What are the topics covered in your course?

◆ Basics & introduction
◆ 3 sessions on candlestick patterns covers almost 50 strategies
◆ Separate session on support & resistance ( The game changer )
◆ Everything about trendline ( Next level of trading )
◆ Chart patterns
◆ Breakouts & Breakdowns ( momentum trading )
◆ Price Action ( most important - Read charts like a pro )
◆ Strategies ( High Accuracy )
◆ Derivatives basics & advance analysis
◆ Option chain analysis ( important session )
◆ Option buying vs option selling
◆ Option greeks
◆ 3 deep sessions on options buying & options selling
◆ Option hedging strategies ( minimum risk and high return strategies - high accuracy )
◆ Entry - Exit - Stoploss - Target.
◆ Risk Management, Money Management & Psychology

7. Intraday trading is covered in course?

- This training covers all the concepts behind trading. so after this training you will be able to trade in any market condition , in any segment of the world because you will be able to understand the price behavior. so yes intraday day trading, positional trading and long term trading is covered in this price action training.

8. Is technical analysis covered in this course?

- Yes, this course covers all the important aspects of trading. technical analysis and candlestick chart patterns and many more important topics are covered.

9. Is futures and options covered in course?

- this course is mainly based on options trading, you will be pro option trader after completing this course.

10. Can I start trading after completing this training?

- Yes, you will be completely independent and confident trader after completing this training. you won't need anyone confirmations for your trades. but also i will provide life time support to make you more confident trader.

11. How to access the course?

- Simply you have to complete the sign up process in our website www.igrowtraders.co.in . after that you will get unique login credentials to access all the content in my website and you can access the course content.

12. Can I access it from mobile as well?

- Yes, you can access the course content from android phone, tablet & laptop.

13. Can I access the course from multiple devices?

- Yes, you can access the course in multiple devices. for security reason we allowed 5 devices access per user.

14. Can videos be watched anytime from anywhere?

- Yes, you can watch the videos anytime from anywhere in the world.

15. Is there any limit on the number of times a video can be watched?

- No, you can watch the videos unlimited times, even i suggest everyone to watch as much as possible because every time you see my videos you learn something new.

16. When will the course start for me once I enroll for the course?

- Once you enroll in our course, you can start your course immediately.

17. How my doubt from the course will be covered?

- We provide you anytime whatsapp chat support and telegram chat support.
- Along with chat supports we provide you one to one phone call support.
- along with call support we provide Live doubt clearing sessions time to time. Fees

18. What is the course fees?

- Course fees - varies with content/-

19. Is there any hidden charge?

- This is only one time payment. there are no hidden charges.

20. Are all modules covered in this same fee?

- Yes, we provide all in one package. so if you are a beginner, intermediate or expert, this course is for you. you will never need any course after completing this training.

21. What is the language of the course?

- Course language - English

22. What is the format for this course?

- The course has pre-recorded videos designed in such a sequential way to clear all the concepts from basics to advanced.
- All the students are allowed to ask the questions in assignment session. we answer all the question there. so you can read all the question answers asked by other students as well.
- You will get personal whatsapp number to clear your doubts anytime. we are always available. - You get personal one to one call session to clear your doubts.
- Along with all you get added in our private telegram channel where we discuss trade ideas, next day trading setups and we provide live market support with our great analysis for life time

23. Is there any demo class before I take up the course?

- You can visit my youtube channel and instagram profile where i provide alot of learning stuffs to understand my trading style. I think thats enough for demo

24. I am below 18. can i start trading ?

- Yes, you can start trading in any age. but for demat account you should be atleast 18+ or you can open your demat account through parents name.

25. How to reach us for any technical assistance related with course access?

- Drop a message on instagram handle - "igrowtraders"

26. How to make payment for the course?

- You can directly pay us through website using signup process..

27. My payment is getting failed, how to pay for the course?

- if your payments are getting failed, you can pay us through phone pe and google pay.

28. What are the different methods of payment we accept?

- we accept all type of payments - Net banking, debit card, UPI, digital payment.

29. Payment is debited, but not able to view the course?

- If such difficulty happens just drop us a message on instagram we will resolve your course access procedure.

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