Live Trading Session - 9:00 to 10:30am

Sun Mar 20, 2022

Tools used: Order Flow Analysis – Tool Kit

Many are teaching on how to trade, we teach you on how to make money! We use different trading technic during the Live trading session, like Option trading 1000 points Strategy (Bank nifty & Nifty), Swing trading, Core trading, Despite the challenges and the hard work that lies ahead for any new trader, for a handsome rewards for people who are patient, disciplined follow professional way of trading system. 

When the market Opens at 9:15am during this first session, is the most active traded period of the day. Volume is more than the average volume of the day. 

Market movement can be high, Why ? due to the factors like, Pre-market, Post-market Orders & After-market Orders, Overnight global/ Local news or even companies announcement. This can have significate impact on the next day of the treading session. 

So, we choose to trade during this hours & to get a best profitable trader. Join Us in Live trading session to see how trades are executed and how to handle the many different scenarios that the stock market can throw. 

For an Intraday traders/day trader, we don’t have emotions, which ever direction (either up/down) the market moves, we should make money and end up the day with Two Simple motto: 

 1. Protect the Capital for tomorrow 

 2. Close the day in Green 

We avoid the trade, if the market moves sideways/ rotating, just to avoid Stop Loss Hunt.

Part time trading in Stock Market: 9:15 am to 10:30am

Trading can be a great part-time activity for a working professional or beginner and with the right habits and discipline with minimal investment.

Trading can be done from anywhere, all it requires an good internet connection, which makes this a truly special and unique business, that’s the flexibility of this wonderful industry.

We’ve spent a long time mastering the art, & now we have a platform to help others by showing them what successful, profitable trading system looks like. Anyone can learn how to Trade, but it takes a Team and Professional Education system to learn how to make money.

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